Yessica Cárcamo shares in networks eventful trip to Copán

The popular tiktoker traveled with her family to neighboring Honduras but before reaching their destination they faced an uncomfortable setback

The Copán archaeological site is one of the most visited in the Honduran nation. Located in the department of the same name in western Honduras, it houses the traces of an ancient Mayan civilization.

As part of the well-deserved end-of-year break, the popular tiktoker Yessica Cárcamo organized a family trip to visit said tourist destination.

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The content generator shared with her thousands of followers the preparations for the trip, as well as the start of the adventure.

And, precisely on her social networks, the mother from Miguel recorded an uncomfortable moment they faced when they arrived at the Guatemalan border point.

The influencer and her family are going through a difficult journey towards the Honduran archaeological site. VIDEO: illustrative and non-commercial image /,,

Unfortunately, the caravan arrived at that place after closing time: 9:00 at night, which forced them to spend the night in the vehicles until the next day.

This impasse was recorded by Cárcamo’s husband, in a series of stories that the influencer posted on her Instagram account.

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After the awkward moment, the Salvadoran family continued their journey, reaching Honduran territory safely.

Subsequently, the tiktoker shared videos of her walk through the famous archaeological site of Copán.

La Migueleña shared clips and photos of her visit to the archaeological site of Copán. VIDEO: illustrative and non-commercial image /