Yina Calderón criticized Andrea Valdiri again for her physique; she hinted that she touched up her photos

Andrea Valdiri and Yina Calderón, for a long time, reflected the little affinity and bad relationship they had, due to a crossroads of opinions and comments on digital platforms. Both attacked the other for different details, reaching the point of mentioning elements of their privacy and intimacy.

The words of the businesswoman of girdles focused on affirming that the Barranquilla woman was “fat” and the surgical procedures she underwent had not worked, for which the dancer’s fury aroused. The influencer did not hesitate to defend herself and respond to the ex Protagonist of Our TV 2013focusing on the fact that he did not know how to attract attention and that is why he resorted to talking about others.

Despite this discussion on social networks, the air seemed to have calmed down between the two content creators, but it turned out that it was not. Andrea Valdiri and Yina Calderón returned to the ring and exchanged comments, pointing out the issue of the Barranquillera’s physical appearance.

According to what was observed on Instagram, Andrea Valdiri used her official account to upload a sensual and fiery photo for the end of the year, placing a particular message in the caption of the photo. post. The Colombian labeled Calderón’s shapewear account and questioned what her colleague would think of her when she saw the statuesque figure he currently had.

What will Fajas Yina Calderón think when she sees this beauty?”, wrote the dancer along with two emojis.

As expected, the ex-protagonist did not remain silent and responded, pointing out that the reality was that she looked different in retouched photos and in person. Yina Calderón affirmed that there were “two women” and that is why she did not see the changes in her image.

That they are two different women. One of the photos and the other of the live and stories”, wrote the businesswoman, assuring that network users thought the same as her.

At the moment, Valdiri’s reaction to this comment is unknown, taking into account that in the past she had already exploded against Calderón for criticizing her.

Andrea Valdiri had already dispatched against Yina Calderón for messing with her family

According to what was captured in an old video from Valdiri’s official Instagram account, due to a problem that arose, the defense of the Barranquillera was focused on the looks Yina, who chose to wear a reddish tone in her hair at that time.

As can be seen in the stories of the woman from Barranquilla, the recording begins with the influencer holding a supposed rag-picker with reddish hair. Little by little he is launching taunts, stating that this object looked “of good quality, but it was the cheapest on the market.”

“Good morning, look at my new mop, how they are being used now. It looks regal from the outside, but it’s the cheapest on the market. Look sister, luckily it doesn’t reproduce, a favor to society”, says the celebrity of social networks with a mocking tone, while adding elements, considered a hint to Calderón.

In the publication, Andrea Valdiri begins to prepare a white bucket and puts the mop inside, assuring that there was an exact substance to “finish the plague”. Among the products he uses, he mentions gasoline, bleach, cleaner, soap, and a lighter.

The concoction to end the plague. Gasoline, a little chlorine, bleach, to get rid of those dark thoughts; soap, Vanish, which ends everything and even tattoos, and the candle to end evils and not reproduce”, he added, while some people laughed at what the celebrity was doing.

To finish this content, the Colombian assured that she would not allow anyone to “mess with the cubs of a lioness”, since they would find her and she would react in the necessary way. While she was putting on makeup for her work, Valdiri kept making comments and warning about the position she has of her when receiving these attacks.