Yina Calderón got her employees drunk

Yina Calderón is always the subject of comments on her social networks. For example, in recent days she was seen upset and sad due to the closure of her Instagram account.

“Good morning, I don’t know whether to cry, laugh, jump or I don’t know. I think my personal account was disabled again, for the fifth time. I don’t know. What do I do? This is really impressive, I think I am the most disabled person in the world, fifth disabled account, guys, fifth, ”she assured.

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However, with or without an official account, the influencer did her thing again. And it is that Yina decided to show how the business party she held to celebrate Mother’s Day ended.

Calderón began by asking his followers if they wanted him to get their employees drunk, and he complied, because his following stories showed that that meeting had a lot of drinks and even a stripper.

But, according to the businesswoman, not everything was rosy, as many of her posts were deleted by Instagram for having strong content. “I’m uploading everything that happens, but Instagram is deleting my stories again, the same as always, so I’m going to upload everything heavy to Twitter,” he said.

Yina Calderón celebrated Mother’s Day in advance, and with her employees

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, in view of what happened with her Instagram account, the famous decided to create a Twitter profile. This is @yinacalderondj and he already has more than 7 thousand followers.

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And speaking again about her Instagram, Yina also hinted that there were one or more people who wanted to harm her by trying to stop her from posting on that social network.

“Obviously it hurts me a lot that my accounts are disabled, it doesn’t seem fair to me, I don’t know who I have behind, really, there are more terrible things, I have someone behind giving it, giving it. Maybe my community is too big.”