Yina Calderón is outraged because her father’s truck has not been returned to her

Yina Calderón does not get into one to have to deal with another and this time it is a serious situation, Well, he has made very telling statements about the robbery case of which his father was a victim, who lent his truck to an acquaintance and, according to what the businesswoman of the belts says, said man sold the vehicle without permission to another implicated who has not responded neither by returning the car nor with absolutely nothing.

“My dad has a hard time getting things, it was my dad’s truck with which he transported himself to Neiva. It’s not the most expensive truck, but that can’t keep happening. In other words, you work, make an effort, buy your little things and someone else takes them away just like that. no gentlemen”, were the words that Yina said when the entire lawsuit was filed with said vehicle, a matter that according to the DJ is already in the hands of the authorities, however, she has not obtained any results in this regard.

For this reason, very indignant, she used what she knows how to use best to make her anger and nonconformity clear at this mess. “I’m really worried guys, I mean, I can’t believe that justice in this country is so mediocre. They forgive me but not daddy, here you have to be like a thief for them to support you. I really do, it’s amazing”, Yina launched furious and frustrated in one of her Instagram accounts.

Immediately afterwards, Calderón recounted the whole story and added that said man, who currently has his father’s truck in his possession, would be trying to sell it to get rid of the controversy and the man who took the vehicle from the Calderón family in He would be missing in the first place, since neither Yina nor any of the clan has been able to communicate with him.

Calderón also showed the photo of the truck, the photo of the man who would have said vehicle in his possession with his full name and also went head-on against a lawyer who would be defending this man, to whom he also dedicated several insults, because he did not agree with your position. Secondly, Yina has already stated that there is a lawsuit in progress and assured that the truck is being offered for sale, so she managed to call attention to her followers so that they do not buy it in case they offer them and inform you of the whereabouts of everyone involved, including the car.

“Don’t buy cars from this man, because let’s say the car he’s selling is my dad’s property and it’s a stolen car, so you’re infatuated with that. Here he left the license plate of the truck in case you see it, in case Neiva suddenly offers it to you, don’t buy it… We cannot allow this type of thing to happen in our country and we remain silent while Colombian justice does its thing.… Let’s hope he does his thing,” Yina added.

These types of processes are not alien to Calderón, who recently opened up on his social networks and confessed that he studied nine semesters of law at the Universidad Gran Colombia, to which he did not return because his life took another turn, but he does not rule out some It’s time to go back, because she likes this job and would like to get the card like her sister Leonela, who is already a professional in the same career. “My sister Juliana has already finished classes, she graduated as a lawyer in February too, and my sister Claudia studied child pedagogy,” Yina said.