Yina Calderón uncovered a family scandal that she lives; she stated that her mother’s boyfriend treats her “like dirt”

Yina Calderón was at the center of various news on social networks, due to the revelations she made about the problems that exist in her family. The businesswoman of girdles did not miss an opportunity and she spoke on different occasions about the “scratches” and crosses that she had with her relatives, reflecting the reality that exists in all her personal spaces.

Recently, the former Protagonist of Our TV 2013 He caught the attention of the curious on digital platforms with a series of content in which he uncovered a controversy within his family, directly related to his mother’s boyfriend, Merly Ome. The influencer did not think twice and clarified that at this time she is not talking to her mother, due to differences they had over this issue.

According to what was recorded in videos and stories on Instagram, Yina Calderón used a question-and-answer dynamic to clarify the current conditions she is going through with her mother, adding details of how complex the relationship she has with that man is.

One person used the question box and asked why the businesswoman had fought with her mother, to which she was clear and assured that it was not a discussion, but rather a difference of opinion that led her to make a radical decision. The woman from Huila showed her position and mentioned that she did not agree with Ome’s sentimental relationship, since it was of no use to her.

“I didn’t fight with my mom. I simply made the decision that as long as she continues with that partner she has, which is useless for her, I step aside. When she makes the right decision, then we’ll talk again.”, he said at the beginning of the clip.

At the next point, a person questioned and reproached her for interfering in the parents’ relationships, to which Calderón pointed out that she was interfering because she knew that this man treated her mother very badly and did not respect her as she really should.

“Excuse me for what I’m going to tell you, but when you know that a relationship is affecting your child or your mom or dad. When you know that your mom has a ‘man’ who treats her like dirt, and that you know what happens inside a home, you won’t want a man like that for your mom either. She will see and then that she does not complain“, he claimed.

However, Yina Calderón revealed that this sentimental relationship crossed limits, to the point that they mistreated and beat each other on one occasion that they argued. She had to run to the farm, but the result was to end up in a ‘ray’ with her mother because of what happened with that man, since he told her things that spoke ill of her and her other relatives her.

“My mother had a very strong fight on my farm, where I had given this man the opportunity to work. Understanding and respecting my mom’s space, who was his partner. And they had a discussion of rudeness, even blows. They made me go to the farm for my mother, I came and in that altercation they had, my mother told me many things, ”she recounted.

“He told me that he was talking ‘this’ about me, that he said ‘this’ about us, that he didn’t do anything on the farm, that I was giving him my salary and a few things. And then, out of nowhere, my mom settles for the guy and doesn’t give a f*ck about the rest.she added, rather awkwardly.

To close the topic, Calderón gave advice to those who have this kind of toxic ties and unions, indicating that if the relationships were to continue, it was best not to speak ill of the person and deal with the problems in a more private way.

“If you have a boyfriend, you have your partner and you fight with her; do not start to speak ill of that person in front of his family or his acquaintances, because later his family and his acquaintances will get annoyed ”, she mentioned.

At the moment, details of this controversy in the businesswoman’s family are unknown, taking into account that she usually tells secrets through her activities on social networks.