Yiyo Sarante and Sergio Vargas come together to be guarantors of Rochy RD in court, according to the urban team

Given the situation that has been going on for two months with the Dominican justice Aderly Ramírez Oviedo known in music as Rochy RD, the artists Yiyo Sarante and “Negrito de Villa” Sergio Vargas joined forces to become guarantors in court for the case of the popular rapper, according to a statement sent to this medium by the urban representatives.

According to the document, the decision made by the salsero and the merengue player; who has good acceptance, credibility and management before the Dominican society, arrives at the moment that the case against Rochy RD takes a new turn.

The interpreter of the “High range” prepares for the review of your case, in a new hearing in Santo Domingo Este, where he seeks to defend his honor in the face of the cruel and Dantesque situation that he has been living in his own flesh since He was arrested and charged by the Public Ministry.

The artist, who had to cancel a tour of Europe scheduled for the month of May, after the accusation made by the Santo Domingo Este prosecutor’s office, and in which he has declared himself ‘innocent’, took a new path after the alleged teenager change, during the interrogation in the ‘Gesell Chamber’, his testimony, in which released the artist from all responsibility.

Rochy RD, who is the father of three children, and who is serving three months of coercion in the Najayo ‘men’ prison.