Yoann Riou reveals the face of Father Fouras without the costume and makeup: furious internet users!

This Saturday, August 13, while participating in Fort Boyard, Yoann Riou committed the irreparable. He posted a photo of Father Fouras, without beard or makeup. A freedom that some subscribers did not appreciate.

Will Yoann Riou get banned from Twitter? In any case, this is what some of the platform users want after the last publication of the sports journalist. This Saturday, August 13, day of his participation in Fort Boyardalongside Jean-Luc Lemoine, the football specialist shared a photograph who panicked internet users. In fact, we can see him in the company of Yann Le Gaca man with short, graying hair, clean-shaven face. At first glance, nothing outrageous. However, behind this name which does not evoke much to ordinary mortals, hides the interpreter of Father Fouras.

The enigmatic old man, inseparable from Fort Boyard, is unmasked. And disillusion is violent for many. “There are plenty of people who didn’t know his face and who are going to find him there now because of you… You take away a part of the magic from a lot of people who didn’t ask for anything. You’re an idiot, annoyed a subscriber. A vehement tweet to which were added others, more nuanced. “I like you Yoann but you just killed what little magic was left on the show since the disappearance of the tigers. It’s like magic tricks, we don’t want to know what’s behind it”saddened a fan of the journalist.

“There is no controversy”

“Why break the dream? It’s stupid to publish this photo! You disappoint me a lot”, got carried away another user. However, other subscribers have taken the side of the sports commentator: “I don’t understand this controversy around this photo when its real face has already been shown in the media”. A message to which Yoann Riou hastened to reply: There is no controversy. There are just three idiots who make the interesting. His face is visible on the internet in one click. Some are siphoned off from the brain. One thing is certain: the journalist will not delete his photosymbol of his encounter with one of his idols.

Article written in collaboration with 6Médias.

Photo credits: SCREEN CAPTURE / FRANCE 2 / Fort Boyard

Source- https://www.gala.fr/l_actu/news_de_stars/yoann-riou-devoile-le-visage-du-pere-fouras-sans-le-costume-et-le-maquillage-les-internautes-furieux_500026