Yolanda Andrade accepts that she owes her life to her ex-partner Montserrat Oliver | Famous

Yolanda Andrade accepted that she owes her life to Montserrat Oliver, who was her sentimental partner for a decade.

Although their relationship ended due to an infidelity on the part of Andrade, during all these years they have maintained an excellent bond, both personally and professionally.

Yolanda Andrade talked about her relationship with her ex Montserrat Oliver

It was during the January 3 broadcast of the program that they both host, ‘Montse and Joe’, where Andrade confirmed that he owes his ex-partner his life.

The above happened after the ‘show’ remembered when Yolanda and Oliver worked with Viviana Martínez, who was just a guest.

“You [Andrade] You said: ‘I would not be alive – and I am a witness – without Montserrat’. I think that you ‘Joe’, seriously, if you hadn’t been close to ‘Montse’, I couldn’t say that you would be someone else, maybe you wouldn’t be there anymore”, said Martínez.

Although Andrade later joked, assuring that his “karma” is to “load” with the host of ‘Reto 4 Elementos’, he finally opened up about the gratitude he feels towards her.

“I really appreciate it. […] My mom knows how much I love ‘Montse’, she loves her too. There are many things that have united us over time, many experiences, ”she said.

“Pass couples, pass this, pass cars, pass trucks, whatever… any season. I feel that the complete season is that of our friendship [que] It has such strong foundations that nothing and no one has been able to overcome them,” he added.

Despite Yolanda’s words, Oliver took the opportunity to claim that outside of work they hardly see or speak to each other.

“I tell him: ‘Hey, I just see you on the show, we don’t talk anymore, you don’t hang out with me.’ And she comes up with hers: ‘Why do I have to see you if I’m always with you and you’re always with me?’”, Montserrat narrated.

Although she understands what her friend thinks, she affirmed that she does need to have meetings or call each other to tell each other how they are and what they are experiencing.

Yolanda Andrade considered Montserrat Oliver her “soul mate”

During the aforementioned ‘show’, the hosts showed a clip in which Yolanda Andrade revealed that she considered Oliver her “soul mate”.

“The net Montserrat has been for me an anchor in my impressive life, a learning experience, a whole. She is my soul mate in many things, “Andrade declared in a broadcast of the now-defunct ‘Mojoe’ program.

“I only owe him that, my life,” Yolanda enunciated before thanking him and hugging his ex-partner, who looked moved.