Yolanda Hadid: Did she intentionally try to destroy Gigi’s relationship?

The celebrity portal reported last year TMZthat Yolanda Hadidthe mother of gigi and Bella Hadid supposedly from Zayn Malik, the then boyfriend of her daughter Gigi is said to have been beaten. This was claimed by insiders with “direct knowledge” of the situation. Nevertheless, after the alleged dispute, there was a separation between him and Gigi Hadid, although Malik denied the allegations. The model and pop singer have been dating since 2015 and have a daughter together.

Zayn Malik vs. Yolanda Hadid: Family feud scandal

But it didn’t stop with the relationship alone. A dispute broke out in court between the ex-One Direction singer and Yolanda Hadid. Malik was loud in court documents TMZ accused, among other things, of pushing and swearing at his ex-girlfriend’s mother after she allegedly broke into Malik and Gigi’s house uninvited. Malik is also said to have urged Yolanda Hadid to stay away from his and Gigi’s daughter Khai. Eventually, the musician was sentenced by a court to 360 days of probation and completing programs to combat anger and domestic violence.