YosStop mocks that they did not cancel it on networks and criticism rains down on him

Mexico City.- After leaving prison after serving a sentence for the crime of pornography to the detriment of a minor, Yoseline Hoffmannknown in social networks as YosStopmade fun of everyone by creating a song called “Lady Cancelada”, in which it refers that despite everything it was not canceled and can continue creating content on their networks.

Through her accounts, the influencer released a video in which she demonstrates her little musical talent and her great mockery by sharing a song with somewhat cynical lyrics, with which she makes fun of continuing on digital platforms despite the controversy. in which she was involved and that led her to spend several months inside the Santa Martha Prison.

The controversial song was released on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 19, and in more than two minutes YosStop insists on referring to the fact that it was threatened with cancellation many times.

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“How many people are boring, how many people with nothing to do, without important things in their lives, bitter people, who don’t believe in karma, they feel righteous… I don’t like you, I’m going to cancel you; I don’t even see your videos, I’m going to cancel you; I don’t like what you say, I’m going to cancel you; you don’t believe what I believe, I’m going to write you off one more time, ”she underlines.

The influencer makes fun of everyone with a topic in which she refers to the fact that she was threatened with being canceled many times. Photo: Special.

Despite having been sentenced about a possible cancellation of her accounts, due to the content and language she handles, so far they have not done so, which she celebrates.

“They are super sensitive, you can’t even touch them, any micro word can bother them,” says part of the song.

However, the youtuber concludes in her clip that she only gave fame to those who criticize her and finally she is still very active on the platforms.

“They’re going to cancel me, that didn’t even happen, they’re going to cancel me, I told them their truths, they’re going to cancel me, they just want fame, they’re going to cancel me,” he continues.

But the detail came after his topic on social networks, as it unleashed a whole wave of comments rejecting the video, as Internet users point out the lack of seriousness he has with the situation he experienced a couple of months ago.

YosStop unleashed a whole wave of rejection comments towards the video. Photo: Special.

On the other hand, there were also many users who assured their lyrics make more sense than some reggaeton songs or even the songs of Rosaliawho was pointed out for not understanding what she says, others denounced her because despite having a judge’s order not to make content that offends people, she insists on mocking.

In the same way, other users, in a sarcastic tone, celebrated that he had released his song, so they hoped it would be the last one he released on the platforms, because he sings very ugly.

“Excellent song, let’s hope it’s the last one”, “I got a singer”, “if that’s how the song is, how will the book be”, were some of the comments.

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