“You are SHIT*!” : Unleashed, Loana targets those who think she “no longer looks like anything”

Winded up like a pendulum! Tired of being taken for an idiot or being called ugly by some malicious Internet users, loana wanted to send a scathing message to his haters. Humiliated because of her tooth problem or because of her (became?) minnow eyes, the former reality TV candidate has now decided not to care about gossip and intends to defend herself like a real lioness.

For all the haters who say I look like shit now!!!, writes Loana, Let them attack everyone in Dubai with fabulous but doctored bodies in million dollar houses like their bank accounts promoting toothpaste…“. A small tackle for the Marseilles settled in the United Arab Emirates perhaps?

Anyway, too much is too much for the beautiful Loana who no longer hesitates to send her haters packing. “But leave me alone in my corner and be with my incredible fans who have always been there for me.. I’ve been around for over 20 years and you apart from being behind a keyboard“, she concludes, ending her post with a most poetic insult: “VWHAT are you: SHIT“. At least, it’s clear !

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/-vous-etes-de-la-merd-dechainee-loana-vise-ceux-qui-pensent-qu-elle-ne-ressemble-plus-a-rien_a502500/1