” You bother me ! »: Lucas and Nicolas (Pekin Express 2022) get confused in the middle of the test

Fatigue and pressure had the last word on the Belgian brothers. In difficulty in the new episode of Beijing Express, broadcast this Thursday, March 24 on M6, Lucas and Nicolas very quickly lost their composure and their beautiful complicity.

Nothing is going well between the Belgian brothers! While the adventure Beijing Express on the land of the golden eagle touches gently to an end, the pressure is at its maximum for Lucas and Nicolas. As the doors of the semi-final reach out to them, stress and fatigue got the better of both candidates during this first stage in Jordan, broadcast this Thursday, March 24 on M6. Before signing the famous register, the two brothers must find a newspaper and take a photo in the Black Sea. Annoyed at the idea of ​​going back on the road to validate this new mission of Stéphane Rotenberg, Lucas and Nicolas quickly lost their temper. Not finding this diary, the pair disperse and irritate each other. “Tell me when you stop” Nicolas throws at him before being cut short by his annoyed brother and responding to him tit-au-tac. “Today, you are not to be taken with tweezers, you inflate me!”

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Emotionally and physically tired, Nicolas and Lucas no longer seem to be on the same wavelength. Tired of this situation and of going around in circles, the two brothers withdraw into themselves. “Do not talk to methen swings Lucas to Nicolas. I’m not to be taken lightly, it’s good”. Resentful at his brother’s remark, the latter prefers to distance himself. Endowed with boundless energy and a mind of steel, this is the first time that the two brothers have found themselves in difficulty. They are completely exhausted : “We are no longer in it at all, I no longer want to talk. I no longer want to react. I no longer want to search, loose Nicolas. Despite this point in our feedback, the two brothers finally showed that their desire to win this event is stronger than anything.

Lucas and Nicolas: the formidable candidates of Beijing Express

By stringing together victories during this new Beijing Express season, Lucas and Nicolas show that they are true competitors at heart. Winners of four stages, the two adventurers make the other pairs tremble often widening the gap. “The victories that follow one another, it’s clear that we’re going to have a label of favorite that we will have to assume, said Nicolas in a previous broadcast. Nevertheless the pressure will not slow them down in their good progress. No matter the situation, the two brothers have always known how to help each other. A strength and a complicity that allow them to come a little closer to victory.

Photo credits: Patrick ROBERT/M6

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