“You come and go but then they attack my parents”

For Veronica del Castillo, Mexico needs more conciliation and less polarization. The journalist points out that situations such as the disappearance of women in our country have caused a complicated situation for a long time.

“Eight years ago I did a report in which we documented that Mexico was an unsafe country to be a woman, removing the Arab countries. I believe that this is still true and it seems reprehensible that impunity continues to exist.”

In this context it is Veronica del Castillo He believes that it is time for reconciliation and in that call he includes his sister Castle Kate.

“I believe that it is not time to fight, we already fight a lot with the governments, it is time for peace and reconciliation and reconstruction of Mexico and whoever has the jacket left, put it on, even my sister.”

Veronica referred specifically to the demand that Kate of the Castle He filed five years ago for defamation against the Mexican government and for which he requests compensation of 60 million pesos.

“The country is very polarized and I did say (to Kate): ‘sister, the country is very polarized, we have to unite, reconcile, because she comes, does things and leaves and I tell her: ‘sister, things are very delicate and then they attack my parents or me for things you do. People are very reactive.”

Veronica del Castillo points out, however, that her sister is right as it is important to set a precedent: “We must recognize that it is a precedent so that human rights and the presumption of innocence are not violated again just for being an actress or for being a woman”.