“You deserve the worst”, “you will not have peace”: these are the threatening messages that Rodrigo de Paul denounced receiving from Camila Homs and her father | People | Entertainment

The relationship between camila homs and the footballer Rodrigo dePaul It has become a media hell that has even come to justice. It seems that the ex-spouses and parents of two children cannot be seen even in paint, and some telephone messages prove it.

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Recently, alleged threatening messages that Homs would have sent to De Paul came to light, in which he not only wishes him the worst, but also assures him that he will not have peace.

“You deserve the worst (…). I’m going to make sure that the whole world knows you for the shit you are more than for being world champion “reads one of the messages from Homs, exposed by the program show partners, from Argentina. Messages that now rest on a judicial presentation.

In another of the texts, the Argentine continues saying: “Stay calm, you will not have peace (…). You still don’t know me… and you don’t know the people around me either”.

It is for this reason that De Paul says he feels intimidated by the mother of his two children, and he assured before the court that he had received a series of threats via WhatsApp. In addition, Homs made it clear to him through messages that he does not want the soccer player’s current girlfriend, Tini Stoessel, to get close to his children.

“I feel intimidated”: Rodrigo De Paul is fed up with Camila Homs and denounces his ex-wife in court for threats and harassment

To this confrontation was integrated Horace Homs, father of Camila Homs, who would have sent an audio to the midfielder of the Argentine team. “I am going to talk about all the money that you stole from my house when I lived in Puerto Madero, that you stole from Liliana, that you stole from Camila. All the savings that you stole from me”, he is heard saying in a filtered audio, in which he also calls De Paul “figureti”. (AND)