Young man identical to Octavio Ocaña is captured at a US party

Even though seven months have passed since Octavio Ocana departed from this world in the midst of a tragic death full of uncertainties and cover-ups by the authorities, the name of the deceased actor returned to give something to talk about after a photograph was released in which a young man with a great resemblance to he who caused a stir on social networks.

Let us remember that on October 29, 2021, the famous young man best known for his role as ‘Benito Rivers’ on the comedy show ‘Neighbors’, lost his life due to a gunshot to the head, which according to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, had been shot by the actor himself while fleeing from the police.

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Even though several months have passed since his death, the family of the late artist is not satisfied with the investigations carried out by the authorities, and they assure that there are still many unknowns surrounding the death of the renowned actor, so they hope they will clarify the case as soon as possible.

However, a recent photograph that began to circulate on social networks questioned all the investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office, since in this you can see a man almost identical to Octavio Ocaña, while enjoying a party in style. USA, This was shown by a recording shared by the portal For this!.

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As can be seen in the image, the alleged twin of the television celebrity has features very similar to the actor from ‘Neighbors’, since both have a white complexion, in addition to having red hair, beard and mustache. .

Obviously, the postcard caused a stir among users, who assured that they were like two drops of water, but despite the fact that several mentioned that it could be the young actor, many others denied it and pointed out that unfortunately the histrion had died months ago.

Photo: Twitter
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