Young man who denounced Samahara Lobatón breaks his silence: “He said he was going to drag me” | Youna magaly medina FARANDULA RMMN | PEOPLE

Samahara Lobaton is in the eye of the storm after allegedly starring in a new episode of violence. Jorka Otoya Tupayachi denounced the influencer at the police station for harassing her and threatening her with death via WhatsApp.

The young 21-year-old tattoo artist broke her silence on the Magaly Medina program, where, in addition to revealing chats that leave Melissa Klug’s daughter in a bad light, she explains that it is not the first time that she has threatened her.

According to what she told in the show program, she met Youna two years ago at a party in the south of Lima and, since then, Samahara had already sworn to her, because she wrote to demand explanations for her relationship with the father of her daughter.

To the days He wrote me plainly saying, ‘What do you have with Youna?’ After some time I talk to him and ask him if Samahara was still angry with me and he tells me: ‘yes, when he sees you he’s going to drag you, he’s going to hit you, he’s going to kill you’”, said the tattoo artist.

He fears for his life:

When everything seemed to have been forgotten, the claims and threats by the ex-reality girl returned through WhatsApp, but this time Jorka Otoya decided to turn to the authorities to ask for guarantees for her life.

You like to ‘panudearte’ with Youna right? Invent that you have something with him. disgusting (…) I know where you live and I’m not afraid. I kill you daughter of a bitch * because I kill you “, were some of the controversial messages that the young woman showed as evidence on “Magaly TV: La Firme”.

The tattoo artist considered that Samahara Lobaton She is a dangerous girl because of the background she has and that are public knowledge, including that incident where she was accused of threatening the barber with a knife.


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