Youngest son of actor Edgardo Román revealed why he did not go to his father’s funeral

After health complications, in January of this year, actor Edgardo Román, father of fellow artist Julián Román, died in Bogotá. The artist stood out for his great contribution to Colombian television for more than 50 years.

After four months, Oscar Alexander Garrido, the youngest son of the late actor, counted in the program good morning colombia from the RCN channel why he did not go to his father’s funeralfrom whom he accepted that, although he was recognized by him, he does not bear his last name.

“But well, all my life I knew who my father was (…) Love or affection, affection, is not something that has a surname, but the actions they have with one. The concept that I had of my father was [de ser] a strong, seasoned guy who was a very active person. The last time I saw him was just when the pandemic was starting,” Garrido, who is also an actor, told the aforementioned program.

Óscar Alexander Garrido added: “When he died, I did not believe it, Julián posted something about my father’s death and I said: ufff, he left us (…) I did not go to the funeral, I did not want to look for murmurs or misunderstandings from people like ‘oh, yeah, since Edgardo has died now, now he’s coming to…’. I am not interested in anything physical about my father, what he inherited from me I have here and here ―while he pointed to his heart and head with his finger―, which is more important to me than anything else.

Regarding the relationship with the actor Julián and Liliana Román, also children of the deceased actor, he said that very little is spoken with them, although he clarified that they do not have a bad relationship.

“As a child I shared a lot with them and I have only good memories, Julián is a person whom I admire a lot, he seems to me a super professional guy, super dealer. And Liliana, well I know I have two nephews, I don’t know them, I know that at any moment I’ll have to meet Julián on a shoot”, added Garrido in Good morning Colombia.

Julián Román said that his father got his pension the day after he died

On May 3, the adhesion of seven renowned Colombian artists to Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign was made official, assuring that it would be this candidate who would bring real changes to art and culture in the country.

Fabio Rubiano, Julián Román, Carolina Ramírez, Adriana Romero, Carmenza Gómez, Marcela Valencia and Carlos Duque spontaneously recorded themselves in the former’s house to talk about politics and the needs, not only cultural, but also economic, of Colombia.

“We, from our place and privilege, bring these people who live in the culture of fear. That is what we, I think, can contribute, change and build, ”explained Ramírez, who was the only one who was not physically present at the meeting, since she currently has her residence in Argentina.

Likewise, there was talk of Petro’s vice-presidential formula, Francia Márquez, with whom all the guests at the meeting feel comfortable, as evidenced in the recording.

“The presence of France gives me a lot of confidence, a lot of confidence,” said Rubiano, while Carmenza Gómez sharply criticized those who complain about the executive preparation that Márquez may have for the position in the national government: “That they wield that as an argument. And those who are prepared, how have they governed?

“If something has seduced us from France, it is that cultural attitude. That is pure political poetry. She says ‘live tasty’. That is poetry, not advertising,” added Duque.

However, one of the moments that caused the greatest surprise, not only to the celebrities who were gathered, but also to Internet users who saw the video on social networks, was when Román assured that one day after his father died (January 8, this year), the also actor Edgardo Román, was when finally “he got his pension”.

“Can you believe that my dad, the day he died, the next day he got his pension?” Was Julián’s confession. “Uy, tenacious”, he was able to hear in the background.

For his part, Rubiano put his case into the conversation, recalling that he will soon be four decades in the working world and that it is most likely that he will not be able to reach a pension.

This issue managed to generate outrage on the internet, with characters such as Petrist senator Gustavo Bolívar commenting on this fact. According to the left-wing congressman, this situation can be labeled as “something painful”, which is part of a “fucking reality” and recalled that in Colombia “many get the EPS appointment with the specialist when they have already died ”.