Your keys to being successful single moms and not depending on a man

Aracely Arambula and Lety Calderón are one of the most recognized and successful actresses in Mexico who are also mothers.

They both have two children and they have something else in common, and that is that their children’s parents have not helped them raise them, let alone financially, or at least not permanently.

Aracely has not had the support of the father of her children, Miguel and Daniel, the singer Luis Miguel, since they divorced, and she has had to raise them alone, with the help of her family.

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For their children, the father figure they know more than Luis Miguel was their grandfather, the father of the actress who unfortunately passed away last year, and their uncle, Aracely’s brother, Leonardo.

For her part, Lety Calderón has not had the help of her children’s father, Juan Collado either, and she practically brought them up alone, especially now that the lawyer is in prison.

Aracely Arámbula and Lety Calderón inspire with their example by raising their children alone

Both Aracely Arámbula and Lety Calderón have shown their strength and prove that they are warrior and fighter women, capable of raising their children alone.

Both have combined motherhood with their jobs and continue to succeed while giving their children a decent life, becoming an inspiration to women.

And it is that they show that although the presence of a father is vital, they can get ahead alone and do not need a man to raise their little ones.

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Of course, it hasn’t been easy for Aracely or Lety, but they have succeeded, overcoming all obstacles and turning their sons Miguel and Daniel, and Luciano and Carlo into good men with values.

They prove that single moms are one super heroinescapable of achieving more than many would think, and they empower women, showing that nothing is impossible.