“You’re next”: JK Rowling targeted by a death threat

After having supported Salman Rushdie, stabbed a dozen times, JK Rowling claims to have been targeted by a death threat. Scottish police have opened an investigation.

JK Rowling calls on Twitter to take action. On the social network, the author of Harry Potter claims to have been targeted by a death threat from a user. She shared screenshots of a disturbing message she received. “Don’t Worry, You’re Next”, wrote a man who identifies himself as a student and political activist based in Karachi, Pakistan. A few hours earlier, JK Rowling had reacted to the attack on Salman Rushdie, who was stabbed in public before speaking, saying to himself “disgusted” and hoping for the recovery of the writer. Salman Rushdie was violently stabbed ten times by an American of Lebanese origin during a conference in the northern United States on Friday August 12.

“To everyone sending messages of support. Thank you. The police are involved (they were involved in other threats before)”, JK Rowling said. In the process, the British police announced the opening of an investigation. “We have received a report of an online threat and officers are investigating,” revealed a spokesperson for the Scottish police, the country where the author lives. In 2021, J. K Rowling said she had received numerous death threats from, she said, transgender rights activists. The year before, the author of Harry Potter had shared on Twitter an article evoking the “menstruating people”commenting ironically: “I’m sure we had to have a word for these people. Someone help me. Feum? Famme? Feemm?”.

Salman Rushdie ‘should lose an eye’

Salman Rushdie was taken to hospital shortly after the attack he suffered. Aged 75, the writer is no longer on life support and “the road to recovery has begun”said his agent Andrew Wylie in a press release sent to the Washington Post this Sunday, August 14. “The injuries are serious, but his condition is moving in the right direction,” added this close to the author of Satanic Verses. His son, Zafar Rushdie, confirmed on Twitter that his father “could have said a few words” and that he hadt “kept his sense of humor intact”. If he is out of the woods, the writer should have serious consequences. “The news is not good. Salman is likely to lose an eye, described his agent, the nerves in his arm were severed, and his liver was hit and damaged.”