Youtube clip with Joris causes bad fan suspicion

Joris landed at "7 vs Wild" in second place and caused a surprise.

Joris ended up in second place on 7 vs. Wild, causing a surprise.Image: Dave/Youtube


Jennifer Ullrich

After the second season of “7 vs. Wild”, Dave’s YouTube channel has a bonus ready: Interviews with the individual participants will appear here afterwards. On January 3, the conversation with wildcard candidate Joris was published, but it is out of line in one respect. In the comments, the fans express an unpleasant suspicion.

Joris opens up about crucial 7 vs Wild moment

At the beginning of “7 vs. Wild” only a few had expected that Joris would end up even ahead of Fritz Meinecke. The 24-year-old is one of the positive surprises of the show. In the interview, however, he reveals that there was at least one moment that almost made him quit.

Joris talks about his time on the island.

Joris talks about his time on the island.picture: youtube/dave

The network stars often had to deal with violent thunderstorms on the island and were exposed to the tides. This became a big problem for Joris too:

“The moment I wanted to quit safely was actually on day three, when it poured. That’s when you realized: OK, this isn’t about a jungle or beach vacation. It’s really about fighting .”

Joris had to realize that the challenge was (even) harder than he had imagined. “Everything I prepared for was for the garbage,” he says. In the end, however, it was not really an option for him to send “Code Yellow”, because: “The will to go through with it was much too crass. I would never have pressed that yellow button.”

“7 vs. Wild”: Joris interview is suspiciously short

The conversation with Joris is the fourth individual interview on “7 vs. Wild”. The videos with Sascha, Sabrina and Fritz all have a running time of at least twelve minutes, However, Joris only speaks seven minutes. This causes astonishment among the fans and is discussed in the comments on YouTube.

One guess is: As a wild card candidate, Joris is not as closely involved in the group as, for example, Knossi or Sascha, who were already in contact with each other before “7 vs. Wild”.

As soon as he was “collected” on the beach, it became clear that he was received less euphorically by the others. And now his YouTube interview is suspiciously short in comparison. For example, one person writes quite directly:

“Joris was totally underestimated, by the spectators and, in my opinion, by the other participants.”

And this user also comes to the conclusion: “I have the feeling that the team just didn’t take him in properly, except for Sabrina.” Another fan has a similar view and says: “When Otto, Fritz, Knossi and Sascha picked him up, there was no joy. But well, they haven’t known Joris for that long either.” Elsewhere the verdict even reads: “I also don’t check why Joris is being pushed out of the group so latently. Really uncool.”

Jan Köppen is the new face of the moderator from the jungle camp. He was once known for the music channel Viva, but he is now considered RTL’s all-purpose weapon and presents full-length shows such as “Ninja Warrior”, “Take Me Out” or the “RTL Tower Jumping”. Now the moderator is suddenly known to an even larger audience, because “I’m a star – get me out of here!” attracts millions of people to watch TV every year.