YouTuber Keenan Cahill dies at the age of 27

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Santo Domingo, DR.

YouTuber and musician Keenan Cahill has died at the age of 27 after undergoing open heart surgery.

According to a relative informed WNG, the youtuber passed away on Thursday, December 29.

Cahill rose to fame in 2010 after posting videos on YouTube lip-syncing songs, which caught the attention of dozens of celebrities.

Jason Derulo, Cody Simpson, The Wanted, Justin Bieber, Perez Hilton, Flo Rida, Gym Class Heroes, Tyra Banks, Ariana Grande, and Big Time Rush are some of the celebrities who have featured on Keenan’s YouTube channel, exceeding one million visits on the platform.

The musician suffered from Maroteaux-Lamy, a disease that caused corneal opacity and made him develop a dwarfism-like appearance.

This disease continued to affect Keenan, because through social networks he announced that he would undergo open heart surgery, causing concern among his followers.

The last publication on the American’s Instagram was on December 13, announcing the date of his surgery.

“For those who ask. December 15 is the date of surgery” Cahill communicated through his Instagram.

The deceased also worked on his own songs, which he published on YouTube and Spotify.