Yuridia could go to prison for singing with covid in concert

Since a few days, Yuridia has been on everyone’s lips after his controversial confession in full presentation, where he announced that his concert was about to be canceled because he tested positive for the coronavirus covid-19which immediately caused a stir among users, and many others assured that he could go to prison.

On May 2, the renowned singer appeared at the National Fair of San Marcos in Aguascalientes, and during his show he gave a couple of statements that caused all kinds of reactions, since he told his fans that he had coronavirus, although he joked about it, he did not give more details.

“I have to tell you a secret, aside from Aguascalientes, this show was almost cancelled, shall I tell you why? because it gave me covid And here we are giving it all. Whoever wants to kiss me on the mouth is at his own risk, ”said the interpreter of ‘In his place’.

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Since then, the former participant of ‘The Academy’ has been harshly criticized by the public, which caused the state health authorities to come out to give their position, and according to the Octavio Jimenez Macias, Director of Sanitary Regulation, the pertinent investigations will begin as long as there is a formal complaint against the singer.

“Only the revelation made by the singer is known, but it could just as well have been a publicity stunt; either way, the complaint of the company or the attendees is expected to the show to do an investigation to determine responsibilities and act accordingly, “explained the public official.

It seems that the popular artist born in sound, could go to jail only if any of the people who attended the event appear before the authorities to file a lawsuit, but he clarified that So far no one has filed a complaint against him..

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On the other hand, the deputy of the National Action Party (PAN), Enrique Garcia Lopezassured that Yuridia “incurred in a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment and it is contemplated in the Penal Code of the State of Aguascalientes, but for this to happen, a complaint must be filed from the stallholders with whom he could have had contact during the show on May 2.”

In an interview with Grupo Formula, the public official commented that Yuridia could be punished with three years in prison due to his recent actions in Aguascalientes, since he put his fans in danger by exposing them to the covid-19 virus.

“Whoever, knowing that he is sick with a venereal disease or other serious illness during the infectious period, endangers the health of anotherfor relationships or other transmittable means, will be punished from three days to three years in prison and up to forty days of fine, “he explained.

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