Yuya graces a magazine cover and talks about his dream come true: his baby Mar

Yuya graces a magazine cover and talks about his dream come true: his baby Mar. In this way, the influencer They show off to the world their happiness in their new stage of life, which they combine with their role as a businesswoman and content generator. Despite her successes, she says she is down to earth because she has always kept in mind that the most important thing is family, the rest is temporary.

Wearing colorful outfits, sunglasses and radiating happiness is how Mariand Castrejón Castañeda, better known as Yuya, graces the ELLE Mexico magazine cover with whom she had an interview to talk about her career as a content generator, businesswoman and now mother.

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With 29 years of age and 10 as influencerYuya states that fame has never been a problem for her because has remained realistic and is aware of what is the most valuable thing in life: the family. “Sharing quality moments is something that is imbued in my being and I am also aware that it is real, what will accompany me until the end of my years.”

This is part of his engine to continue generating content, as well as his constant concern to “be on the move” because enjoys “creating in one way or another”. Her charisma, authenticity, freshness and closeness of her with her followers have also been a key piece in her career, since they have helped her to be one of the top youtubers from Mexico.

However, the content generator says that she knows how far to pay attention to what people say about her, since negative reviews still affect her, especially since he considers himself a highly sensitive person. And that sensitivity increased now that she is a mother because she is getting to know herself in this facet.

When talking about his baby Mar, who was born in September of last year, Yuya sums it up in one sentence: “being a mom fills me up”. She states that there are things that she was always sure of, and her motherhood was present on her list, it was just a matter of the right time.

“I still feel weird saying ‘son,’ but I love it. Every time I can I say ‘my son!’, ‘I have a son’ or ‘I’ll show you pictures of my son’. I became that person who says all the time ‘do you want to see pictures of my son?‘”, shares the content generator in the interview, after adding that she likes to be active, but right now her world is her baby Mar because she knows that “this moment is going to fly and it will not be repeated”.

He also says that one of his priorities in the sea ​​breeding is that he has “be a child who decides on his own life and I don’t want to be invasive”, so that is why he prefers to maintain certain privacy issuesin addition to the fact that it is still something new for her and, therefore, she is learning to carry.

Because his life is changing, he considers that your content will transform, as it happens with life itself as people grow. And she is sure that positive things will come, especially since her goal remains the same: not to stop dreaming and working to achieve them; for example: maybe have a brand of clothing and accessories.