Yuya showed his baby’s face for the first time

This was the first family photo shared by the happy new parents.  (PHOTO: Instagram/@yuyacst)
This was the first family photo shared by the happy new parents. (PHOTO: Instagram/@yuyacst)

One more time, yuya He became a trend in social networks by sharing photos or videos of his family. On this occasion, the famous youtuber surprised her more than 17 million followers on her Instagram with her first portrait of Seathe son he fathered with the singer-songwriter George Siddharthaand soon the image went viral causing an explosion of tenderness.

As on previous occasions, Mariand Castrejón Castañeda used her Instagram stories to upload a short video that he captured while his eldest son slept the arms and legs of whom it is presumed could be the influencer herself or the interpreter from Guadalajara.

Mar, who is about to turn 6 months old, appeared lying down wearing a fresh outfit consisting of a white shirt and green shorts. She seemed to be taking a nap when her mother couldn’t take it anymore and she recorded the touching moment which she later posted online with her along with a song from Bob Marley.

Mar was born on September 29, 2021. (Capture: @yuya/Instagram)
Mar was born on September 29, 2021. (Capture: @yuya/Instagram)

Despite the fact that in the image it is possible to appreciate a large part of Mar’s face, Yuya tried to censor him with a yellow flower at the height of his mouth. However, that was not an impediment for her millions of fans to repost photos of her and flood social networks with her reactions.

I’m dying of love! Mar, Yuya and Siddhartha’s baby is beautiful, he looks like a little angel, how divine!!”, “Yuya has just introduced us to my godson Mar”, “I already met Mar de Yuya’s little face”, “As expected, yuya’s baby is beautiful“,” Yuya already showed us a little of Mar’s face “,” In other news yuya went up to Mar, I’m dying of love “, were some comments on Twitter.

Mar’s photograph was the most anticipated, because days before his birth, Yuya explained that he would not show his son’s face because he wants to respect his identity. However, she also commented that she did not rule out doing it at some point because she considered it important to share some of those moments with the family of followers that she has built after her debut on YouTube.

The influencer showed a small video (Photo: IG Yuyacast)
The influencer showed a small video (Photo: IG Yuyacast)

This is not the first time that the 29-year-old businesswoman shares a video or photo with her son, after giving birth she boasted the arrival of her firstborn with some postcards that she took from her delicate hands and feet. She then bragged about how she was adapting to her activities while she took care of him and caused a sensation with a fun dance where her pet also participated.

Little by little Mariand Castrejón has presented her baby with her followers and possibly the photographs of her son will not stop touching the entire internet. On the other hand, a few weeks ago the lovers were involved in the controversy after the surprising age difference between the two was revealed.

It all happened when a group of people set out to investigate the age of Zoé’s former member based on his Unique Population Registry Code (CURP). According to the information that went viral, The singer is currently 44 years old, making him 16 years older than the businesswoman and content creator.

(Screenshot: @katherinecoss7/Twitter)
(Screenshot: @katherinecoss7/Twitter)

The situation unleashed a wave of memes in Twitter, where a debate was opened on the true importance of the data. While some platform users defended the couple, others pointed out that the age difference was too much. However, some tried to divert attention by talking about the impressive physical appearance that the interpreter of 00:00.

“So much riot for Yuya’s husband who is 44 years old and looks very young”, “Let’s be honest, we were all more surprised that Siddhartha looks 15 years younger than he is, than that he is 17 years older than Yuya . The real trend should be for Siddhartha to tell us how to look forever young”, they tweeted.


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