Yvan Colonna: the Corsican shepherd is dead

Monday March 21, 2022, our colleagues from AFP revealed that Yvan Collona had died in Marseille. Detained in Arles prison, he had been injured by another prisoner. Since March 2, he had been in a coma.

In 1998, the prefect of Corse-du-Sud, Claude Erignac, died after being shot several times in the back. Quickly, the investigators were able to determine that he had been the target of a nationalist group from the island of beauty. His killer? Yvan Colonna. Arrested in 2003, the Corsican shepherd had expressed no regret over the murder of Claude Erignac. He had then been sentenced to life imprisonment in Arles prison. For almost twenty years, Yvan Collonna had been serving his sentence, smoothly, in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

But on Wednesday March 2, 2022, the detainee was assaulted by one of his co-detainees. While in the prison gym, he was beaten. His fellow inmate left him seriously injured. Transferred to the hospital in the north of Marseille, his vital prognosis had been engaged. Since, Yvan Colonna was in a coma.

Yvan Colonna succumbed to his injuries

His attacker, Franck Elong Abe, was quickly identified by the police. WhileAn investigation has been opened, the 35-year-old man had been imprisoned after being intercepted in Afghanistan for acts of radical Islamism. According to him, Yvan Colonna would have pronounced “an insult to god” during a heated debate. If thehe two men were able to find themselves alone in this gymfar from the surveillance of the guards, it is because Franck Elong Abe was also a steward in the prison and could move around alone, especially to clean. This inmate was chargedSunday March 6, 2022, for attempted assassination in connection with a terrorist enterpriseas revealed by our colleagues from France info. After twenty days spent in a coma, Yvan Colonna is deadannounced our colleagues from AFPMonday March 21, 2022. The detainee from Corsica did not survive his injuries.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/yvan-colonna-le-berger-corse-est-mort-725572