Zac Efron answers if he is ready to be a father

    Friend, do you want to feel older? As well, Zack Efron, the one who was our eternal adolescent ‘crush’ and who we met giving the cante —literally— in ‘High School Musical’ more than 15 years ago, is already playing father roles. How do you hear it? He is 34 years old and it seems that some Hollywood director has thought it a good idea to assign him this role that has fully immersed us in our ‘teenage thirty’. Thus, the eternal Troy Bolton recently went to the ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ program to promote said tape called ‘firestarter’ where the concept of fatherhood would have been reconsidered.

    “We got out of the pandemic, I started recording, then I had a two-week quarantine and as soon as I finished it I recorded again that same Monday,” the interpreter contextualized, to add: “It was a very abrupt introduction to the film… where I ran into with which he had a daughter”. The girl in question is Ryan Kiera Armstrong, which may sound familiar to you because of his participation in the Netflix series ‘Anne With an E’. The fact is that it seems to Efron that this role of father – even if it was in fiction – made him reflect and realize that perhaps he had something big left in real life.


    Does Zac want to have children?

    As he himself told Degeneres —who, by the way, is about to end his program due to a controversy from which he did not recover—, a scene in the film warned him how unprepared he is to have offspring:

    “We had a pretty intense father-daughter scene at the beginning and I realized that I was drastically ill-prepared to be one. I didn’t know anything about what he was doing.”

    Thus, taking into account the capital surprise that it was for Efron to pretend to be a father in front of the cameras, when the journalist openly asked him if he wanted to have a child in the near future, he did not hesitate: “I think the shoot was a healthy lesson to put off being a parent for as long as it takes.. I want to grow a bit more before I am, I guess.”

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    Which means that, friends, we still have time to get down to work and cajole him. One way? Tinder, for example. As he acknowledged, when making a profile in the application no one matched him because they thought it was a fake profile. Little drama.

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