Zafarrancho by Alicia Villarreal. Avoid talking about Arturo Carmona’s kiss with Aylín Mujica (video)

The kiss between Aylín Mujica and Arturo Carmona in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos 3” raised the controversy surrounding a possible romance between them. Although the kiss was the product of a reality game, Aylín and Arturo executed it with special substance and some followers even noted that it was a tongue kiss.

Alicia Villarreal, formerly from Carmona, is currently promoting the “GranDiosas” concert tour, in which she will share the stage with singers like Dulce, María del Sol, Laura Flores and Ángela Carrasco.

The kiss of Mujica and Carmona in “The House of Famous 3”

And although it has been two decades since her marriage to Arturo Carmona (with whom she was married for three years), Alicia Villarreal tries not to speak too publicly about it.

After the press conference for “Gran Diosas”, Alicia avoided being asked about Carmona and her kiss with Aylín: together with the rest of the singers, she quickly left the place causing chaos among the reporters, cameramen and security elements.

Finally, Villarreal achieved his goal and left without talking about it.

Las GranDiosas will perform this Friday, January 27 at the Arena Ciudad de México, the largest forum in which this concept has been, which has brought together several of the most important singers of the 80s and 90s.

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