ZDF “Fernsehgarten” causes annoyance among the audience with its anniversary campaign

Updated on 06/13/2022 at 13:58

  • On Sunday, the ZDF “Fernsehgarten” celebrated its 600th episode.
  • On this occasion, five aircraft were used, which wrote a special message in the sky
  • However, the campaign was not well received by all viewers.

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Last Sunday, the successful ZDF format “Fernsehgarten” had something special to celebrate. In the 600th episode of the entertainment show, not only were numerous stars represented, but there was also something to admire in the sky. Five planes flew over the Lerchenberg in Mainz and left white lettering behind. “600th TV Garden” could be read in the blue sky.

While moderator Andrea Kiewel celebrated the campaign, it was not so well received by everyone. Although the paraffin clouds should not leave any environmentally harmful residues, there was criticism on the internet.

Criticism of the “TV Garden”: “Senseless characters”

A user commented, for example: “We have to do more for the climate #TV garden. Yes, we make senseless signs with planes in the sky.”

Also read on Twitter: “Friday for Future is going crazy with the silly sightseeing flights… #TV garden.”

“#TV garden I like such environmentally friendly posts!”, Another noted wryly.

At the request of our editors, ZDF has not yet commented on the allegations.

Faux pas by Andrea Kiewel

Already in May moderator Andrea Kiewel had to face criticism on the net. The reason: she asked artist Lili Paul-Roncalli if she wanted to have children. “You don’t ask a woman such questions anymore in 2022,” countered the 24-year-old.

Kiewel seemed to see this differently and explained: “Precisely because you can ask that per se. Everyone decides for themselves.” Many users contradicted the moderator and were of the opinion that this question was inappropriate.
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Andrea Kiewel has been inviting music acts to the ZDF television garden for 20 years. Even if the performances are pleasant to the ears, it is often the presenter herself who becomes the star of the show with her looks. © ProSiebenSat.1