ZDF “Moma” moderator: Strong words to Dunja Hayali – “You’re fat!”

ZDF “Moma”: presenter directs violent words to colleague Dunja Hayali – “You’re fat!”

Maischberger, Lanz and Co.: These are the German talk show hosts

Maischberger, Lanz and Co.: These are the German talk show hosts

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Actually, Harriet von Waldenfels and Dunja Hayali seem quite harmonious in dealing with each other. The two are constants at the ZDF– Morning Magazine “mom“. This exchange of blows between the two women seems all the more surprising.

He can be seen on the Instagram channel of ZDFmom‘ presenter Harriet von Waldenfels.

ZDF “Moma”: Did Harriet really say that to moderator Dunja Hayali ?! “You are fat!”

She and Dunja Hayali are shown off-camera – i.e. filmed behind the scenes without the official ZDF camera being on. The women are behind the moderation desk when Harriet suddenly blurts out: “Dunja? Um… you’re fat!”

Dunja reacts immediately to her colleague’s comment:

  • Dunia: “I’m fat? But I’m always fat. And you’re always skinny.”
  • Harriet: “But if I moderate with Mitri, I’m fat.”
  • Dunja: “But if I moderate with Mitri, I’m fat too.”

What a mess! When they say Mitri, the women mean their “Moma” colleague Mitri Sirin, with whom one or the other occasionally stands in front of the camera.

ZDF: “Moma” moderators enlighten fans

After a while, it quickly becomes clear what all the thick-thin talk is about. At the latest when you swipe on the second Instagram video. There you can see the moderation text of the ZDF stars on paper. Some passages on it are in bold, or as Harriet von Waldenfels would say “thick”.


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In the accompanying text, the presenter then officially clarifies it again: “Yes, that’s what it sounds like… behind the scenes… But don’t worry. Only in relation to the typography of our moderation texts… thick, thin, it doesn’t matter.”

Your fans celebrate the backstage fun:

  • “Lovely you two”
  • “I’m dying…”
  • “The main thing is that no one is in italics.”
  • “Great!!! Great conversation”
  • “You are great”

ZDF star Waldi also recently caused disbelieving faces among his fans. The Bares for Rares dealer was banned from the house. (jhe)