ZDF New Year’s Eve: Andrea Kiewel intervenes when Johannes B. Kerner says DAS

“Welcome 2023” – this is the motto under which ZDF welcomes the new year live in front of the Brandenburg Gate. At the New Year’s Eve show, the two ZDF presenters Andrea Kiewel and Johannes B. Kerner are finally happy to have an audience again. Because of the corona, the party had to take place in front of an empty stage last year.

But on New Year’s Eve 2022, thousands of people were allowed to gather again on Pariser Platz. You can say goodbye to the year with numerous music stars. And there will also be a world premiere, as Andrea Kiewel reveals right at the beginning.

ZDF New Year’s Eve show: Andrea Kiewel promises a world premiere

DJ BoBo, Malik Harris, Münchener Freiheit, Kamrad, YouNotUs, Alex Christensen, Jupiter Jones, Laurell, Moncrieff, Aura Dione, Calum Scott and and and. The list of stars that ZDF has engaged for its New Year’s Eve show is long. The moderators particularly emphasize the appearance of the Scorpions. Johannes B. Kerner praises the song “Wind of Change” as perhaps the greatest hit ever composed in Germany – “ie after the ninth symphony”.

“The Scorpions with a version of this monster hit like never before. A world premiere,” announces the ZDF presenter. Before that, Johannes B. Kerner had already had a little skirmish with singer Sasha.

Andrea Kiewel at the ZDF New Year’s Eve show: “Don’t be so cheeky!”

Not only did he greet the audience at the beginning of the show with a small song at the Brandenburg Gate, but he also had a special assignment for the evening, as he revealed in an interview with the moderator duo: “I was announced as a raging reporter.” Of course, Johannes B. Kerner couldn’t resist converting the through ball directly.

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“Is that still okay with the lawn?” asked the 58-year-old with a wink. Andrea Kiewel immediately intervened: “Don’t be so cheeky,” warned “Kiwi” her colleague. But Sasha took it with humor: “Of course it’s not anymore,” the 50-year-old singer says deeply. In any case, he should have the honor of greeting numerous artists on the balcony of the Academy of Arts. Despite the mourning for the deceased Pope Benedict, who was remembered right at the beginning of the New Year’s Eve show, the ZDF moderators and artists did not let the mood spoil.