Zelaya, a voice that connects with music and joy

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Music has been an important part of his life for as long as he can remember; she still remembers hearing herself sing along with his grandfather while boleros were playing. But what was once only the imagination of a girl, today she is materializing with a musical career that continues to rise.

Zelayaa Guatemalan who enjoys writing songs and bringing them to life in the company of her guitar, visited Honduras as part of the promotion of his new single “It goes”but he also took the opportunity to share some collected experiences and advance future projects.

“Honduras has enchanted me. I am in love with this country, with its people, who have received me with great joy. I have eaten delicious, just today I tried the famous baleadas”, were the first impressions that the young singer offered in an interview with THE HERALD.

And it is that although I had already had the opportunity to be here, in 2015, back when her career was just beginning to unfold, this is the first time her own songs have endorsed her as an artist. This Friday September 9 premieres “It goes”the first single from new album that will arrive in 2023.

“It is a different proposal that has me very excited. Is a fresh, latino, cheerful sound. Rhythms with the guitar that are very contagious to lift your spirits, but with lyrics that ultimately seek to narrate specific moments in life. And it is that the album in the end is about that ”, he explained.

On this same subject, he advanced that “I love it because many times people tell you that if you have been with a person for a long time, love becomes monotonous, boring and that it loses the magic of when it begins. But for me, who has been in a relationship almost all my life, I know that through the details, by being very present, love can last a lifetime.

Zelaya is a believer that music takes her to remember special moments and people in her life, and she hopes that those who listen to her can do so too.

musical proposal

Regarding the influences of the new material, Zelaya shared that he is committed to honest, real messages that connect experiences. “This record is so happy that I would say it reminds me of a Carlos Vives, Fonseca, Carlos Baute either Shakira in its beginnings; romantic but catchy. He has that combination between the singer-songwriter, which are lyrics with a lot of meaning, but with rhythms that you want to hear with your people”.

And in order to present this proposal to a wider audience, the plan is drawn up. “Right now I am very happy because I will be opening the tour of various artists in the region, a great honor that I will celebrate in front of such a large and new audience,” she highlighted. Upcoming presentations in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and a rumored return to Honduras together with another renowned guest are part of the nearby offer.

But this feat is not entirely new to her. She has previously shared the stage in her country with Enrique Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz, Alejandro Fernández, Reik, Sin Bandera Y Camila, among other stars. “Along the way, one realizes that although sometimes we see the biggest and most famous artists as distant, when you meet them you realize that in the end they are human beings with dreams, like everyone else,” he reflected.

Now, in terms of working with them more fully, Zelaya says he is waiting for an opportunity. “I am a big fan of collaborationsI think it adds up a lot when two different proposals get mixed for a song. I would love to be able to do something with Alejandro Sanzbecause I have admired him since I was very little, but the truth is that with several artists, perhaps with those who are playing a lot today, ”she advanced.


represent Guatemala within an international music industry has a marked meaning for her. “I always say that I am a big fan of my country, of the latino culture. Living abroad I have realized that Latinos have a special magic; we are happy, good, noble people, who radiate energy wherever we go. So, being able to carry, not only the name of my country, but also the name of the region with me, fills me with great pride”.

It is worth mentioning that Zelaya started his career as an independent artist in the city of The Angels in 2014after a successful crowdfunding campaign that went viral in Guatemala, raising more than 200% of the goal that had been set to make the dream of recording come true. his first record, “It’s a trip”. “I do not forget that the first phase of my career; the first album, the first tour, the first video clip, I financed everything because people believed in me, ”he recalled.

Finally, after having become intimate with an audience that welcomed her with open arms, it was time to say “see you later”. “I thank Honduras for receiving me with such energy. To all the catrachos, I want to tell you that I hope to return very soon so that you really feel a part of you. I know that I am from Guatemala, a sister country, but we are the same region, and how nice to be able to support each other, ”she concluded.

His time at the Emmys

Zelaya was the first Central American invited to sing at the gala of the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles and chosen as one of the four independent artists to kick off the second season of The Four on Foxrepresenting the Latin genre, directed by Sean Diddy Combs (P. Diddy), Fergie, Meghan Trainor Y DJ Khaled.