Zendaya goes for a flattering ‘bob’ haircut

    A few weeks ago, Zendaya surprised her followers by going for a flattering honey blonde. The actress is proving to be a great fan of the changes of ‘look’, and it is that she has once again modified the appearance of her hair, opting for one of the most fashionable haircuts this season: the ‘bob’

    The new change in Zendaya’s ‘look’ could be due to the demands of the script, since this week she has started recording his new film, ‘Challengers’, romantic drama whose filming has been responsible for the absence of the actress at the 2022 Met Gala. Although the actress has not shared images of her new hair, a fan account, @zendayaalover, has. Some photographs that confirm what we already knew: the ‘bob’ is one of the most flattering haircuts it’s from the season.

    A haircut that we saw on her last red carpet, although on that occasion it was a false ‘bob’, as she wore an updo that simulated this hair style. A ‘beauty’ bet that he now wears again, although this time for real. What do you think of his new look?

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    Keeping the blonde highlights that she showed us a few weeks ago, the actress has opted for the easiest ‘bob’ to style. It’s about a haircut at jaw level that she has worn with her characteristic curls.

    As far as ‘look’ changes are concerned, Zendaya is a true queen. Although she curly hair It is the hair style with which we most identify her, the truth is that the actress has dared with everything: extra-long hair, dreadlocks, afro hair, balayage highlights… nothing can resist her! Let’s see which one she chooses next time.

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