Zoraida Gómez, from ‘Rebelde’, spoke about the absence of Poncho Herrera at the RBD reunion

RBD left millions of people in the world speechless with the unexpected announcement of their new meeting for 2023, which would be a possible tour of different countries that they visited in the past. Although this has not yet been confirmed, digital spaces such as MusicTrendsColombia They assured that the group would possibly set foot in Colombia and would reach two cities.

Given the uncertainty that abounded among the fans of the Mexicans, the eyes of many curious were located on Poncho Herrera, remembered actor who gave life to Miguel Arango in Rebel and integrated RBD from its beginnings. The opinions and comments arose after the announcement of the band, which showed that this return would only have five of the members, leaving the artist out.

Social networks were the scene of criticism against Poncho Herrera for not joining this project of the group, since many longed to see them all again. Anahí, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann, Maite Perroni and Christian Chávez will continue riding on this idea, seeking to reunite with their fans and relive their experience together.

In the midst of the wave of news that came to light for this detail, Zoraida Gómez, actress and member of the cast of Rebelwas questioned by the press at an event she attended, on this subject. The artist received questions about her opinion about her colleague’s decision and the negative comments she was receiving.

“What do you think of the fans who are upset with Poncho Herrera because he did not accept?” Asked a journalist.

The remembered actress assured that it was something very respectable and there was no reason to attack him, since the important thing was to preserve the affection and appreciation for the work he did years ago. The interpreter of Jose Luján pointed out that the relevant thing in the matter was to support the Mexican in the professional path that he decided.

“Well, I think it is super respectable and I think that the novel itself always projected that it was respect for personal decisions and that in the same way there is no reason to have less affection or more affection, no, it is simply a decision that he He is drinking and if he considers that it is the most important thing for his life, then perfect,” he said.

The truth is that he is doing super well and has done incredible projects, so he doesn’t feel the need to go back to the past anyway.”, he added about the acting career that Herrera developed.

However, another of the communicators who was in the place asked if Gómez believed that his partner was ashamed of being part of RBD, so he avoided meeting with them or participating in these meetings.

“Do you think he’s ashamed of being RBD, of Rebelde?” was heard in the video, to which the actress responded awkwardly: “Oh, of course not, how do you think they are going to be ashamed of such a globally important project? Impossible”.

Finally, when asked about how the actor got along with the other members of the group, Zoraida Gómez pointed out that she knew that everything was fine between them, that they understood each other perfectly and there was no kind of quarrel over these decisions that were made from the past.

The artist finished with a few words, which referred to the fact that the absence of Poncho Herrera in the reunions would be linked to work and professional commitments.

“Well, I think it’s because he’s been working, I don’t think it’s because they don’t love each other. The truth is that they do have a very good relationship, I know that they all have a very good relationship, so yes, it was because of chamba (work) ”, she indicated.