Zully Pinchi recorded ‘Bebito fiu fiu’ with Carlos Álvarez | SHOWS

The former candidate for Congress Zully Pinchi She reappeared as a guest on the program ‘La Vacuna del Humor’, by Carlos Álvarez, who plays ‘El Lagarto’.

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Both recorded a parody of “Bebitu Fiu Fiu” after alleged audios between Zully and the former president were leaked.

“We have recorded very well. Zully burst out laughing at our occurrences”, commented the comic actor.

Who is Zully Pinchi?

Zully Arlene Pinchi Ramirez De Del Castillo She is a former candidate for Congress for Somos Perú and ex-wife of Miguel del Castillo, son of Jorge del Castillo. She is also a lawyer, social activist, director of the NGO Solidarios ABC, writer and Christian.

Zully lived in Madrid for five years, where she did master’s degrees at the Carlos III University and the Complutense University. He also published three collectively authored books in Madrid, and in Peru he launched “113 chronicles of a passion.”

In an interview he gave Caretas in March, Pinchi said that he was a victim of gender-based violence and that this unfortunate episode allowed him to get closer to God.

What do the chats of Martín Vizcarra and Zully Pinchi say?

In the chats that were shown, the young woman and the former president exchange affectionate messages, even photos. In addition, he indicates the room number in which the meeting would take place and asks her to appear at the hotel as the girlfriend of Rudy Ramos, who accompanied Vizcarra in his capacity as head of the government plan of the Peru First party.

“I love you I need to give you a hug and you do not know how much I miss you, you are my baby, you are my king”, It was Pinchi’s romantic message to Martín Vizcarra, who, with a little less sweetness, replied: “I love you, see you later.”


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