Zuria Vega and Daniel Giménez Cacho question the power of the media on Network – El Sol de México

the staging networkwhich has made history at the National Theater in London and on Broadway, due to its heartbreaking plot full of black humor, comes to Theater of the Insurgents starring Zuria Vega, Daniel Giménez Cacho and Arturo Ríos under the production of Carlos Carrera.

The work based on film of 1976 recounts the life of a news anchor from television that after 25 years of work he will be fired due to low ratings. To increase his audience, the journalist announces that he will commit suicide on a live broadcast.

Giménez Cacho, who returns to theater After devoting himself more to movies, commented that he is enjoying his character a lot. “The work is very provocative, we are going to see how the public reacts to the reflections of the 70s and how important they are for today.”

For his part, Zuria Vega mentioned that this construction site It is very current and the public will react favorably. “This text is more current than ever, I think that is not very good but it is reality and as advertising everywhere says, we are fed up with the mother and we are not going to tolerate it,” said the actress.

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“It is a powerful text, fierce since we are in the essays it makes you want to stand up and shout, we have to see what reaction the public has when they come to see us”, added the daughter of Gonzalo Vega, who gives life to daiyana and remembered that in film which premiered in 1976, “there was no daiyana as there are today, there is a greater lack of empathy for what happens to the other, to the world, we want more likes, followers and that is daiyana“.

Giving life to such a character in the middle of the year 2022 is a great challenge for the actress so he is very happy to join this project that opens on April 1 in the Theater of the Insurgents.