Zuria Vega combines horror and science fiction in the series El Refugio

Intrigue, suspense and science fiction is the bet of The shelter, Serie of six chapters that premieres this Thursday by Starzplay.

Throughout the plot, the stories of different characters will unfold that will keep the viewer on the edge of their seat to find out the reason for the supernatural events.

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Directed by Pablo Fendrik is starring Fernanda Urrejola, Ana Claudia Talancón, Alberto Guerra, Paloma Woolrich, Camila Valero and Zuria Vega.

“The character of Ana Claudia Talancón She goes to look for her children who are with her ex-husband and their grandparents, and she finds a girl on the road, she takes her to a point in town.

“When the character of Ana arrives at her ex-husband’s house, she realizes that there are things that are happening through social networks and my character named Paulaat some point in the chaos, he arrives at the shelter,” he said. Zuria Vega in interview.

The objective of Paula it is to question the facts that occur within the place; according to the actresshis character will be the main one for the story.

“It addresses issues from the collective paranoia, the fake newswhat we believe and what we don’t, they say that reality is stranger than fiction and I think that’s the way it is”.

Vega has been away from the TV soaps, his goal now is to look for new stories, that’s why he accepted this Serie.

“There are few times when you can move to another country with your whole family to work and do what we like,” said who shares credits in the series with her husband, Alberto Guerra. “I admire him a lot and respect him as an actor, I think that for a relationship to be lasting as ours has been, it is based on respect and admiration for the other person, I think that we both know each other very well, we are very different On set, we know that we work in different ways, but at the same time we enjoy being together and being able to drink our coffee or listen to music on the way to the call or back, for example, “he said.

Vega She has been away from the TV soapshis goal now is to find new stories to tell, different narratives, which is why he accepted this project.

“In the Science fiction you’re facing the unknown, you’re reacting to things that don’t exist, it was uncharted ground for everyone, it’s the first series of the genre produced by Starzplay in Latin America and we had to do it right.

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“What made it very easy for us was to go hand in hand with the director who explained to us how we should play with the viewer’s head, with the help of special effects, I really learned a lot. I think that the day you stop learning something in your profession, you have to change careers”.

Among his next projects is tape I want your lifealong with Salma Hayek, who produces and acts.